Featured article: 'Indolent thyroid cancer: knowns and unknowns'

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Advances in the enhanced detection and diagnosis of thyroid cancer have subsequently caused its incidence to rapidly increase.  Whilst this undoubtedly will have a positive impact for the detection of malignancies, these advances also mean that indolent tumors (those which do not adversely impact a patient’s life span) are also being detected.  Since surgical and radiological intervention of indolent tumors can cause more harm to the patient than good, there is a need to develop clinical management strategies for indolent tumors to help identify the most appropriate treatment options, if any, taking into account quality of life and cost implications. 

In this review, L.D. Hahn et al., discuss the studies that have begun to distinguish indolent thyroid cancer from more aggressive forms to ultimately prevent an epidemic of overtreatment. 

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